Powder Coat Painting

Powder Coat Painting

Powder Coat Painting Improves Quality & Cost

KSM Industries has in-house powder coat painting capabilities on both a conveyorized line and batch system for larger-sized components.

The process starts with a five-stage iron phosphate power wash with powder line prime and finishes with an advanced independent oven cure.

We can hang parts weighing as much as 1,100 pounds on the line and can accommodate heavier components in our offline batch process.  KSM Industries can paint products up to 168” X 95” X 106” in overall size.

Nordson Powder Paint Booth
Parts Hanging on Line Paint System

KSM has passed the stringent requirements from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and is an approved supplier of painted enclosures and components.

Powder Coat Painting Improves Quality and Cost

Our Nordson Lean Cell® Fast Color Change Booth can switch colors in a matter of seconds.  And we know that every second counts when we’re working to quickly turn around your contract fabrication.  The powder coat painting is not only fast, but it also has a higher capacity compared to conventional booths and coats products more effectively.  

Powder Coat Features

  • Paint salt spray test performance typically meets customer requirements, surpassing 1000 hour corrosion testing
  • Paint thickness measurement conducted pre- and post-cure to ensure accuracy
  • Textured and gloss finish capabilities
  • Quick color change system with 10 colors on demand

Batch Process

For oversize components, KSM Industries uses batch steam cleaning, offline painting, and a bake oven

Other Plating & Coating Options

Additional plating and coating options are available within our network of partners. Simply tell us what you need, and we’ll provide an accurate estimate.

off line paint booth

Contact us to learn more about powder coat painting or any other step of our in-house fabrication services.

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