Expert Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Your Source for Sheet Metal Fabrication

Specializing in high-quality sheet metal assemblies and weldments of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum, KSM Industries can fabricate a wide variety of part sizes and configurations, from simple weldments to complex fabrications, to suit your specifications.

ACIES Punched Steel Part

Your Partner for Quick Response Manufacturing

When you need fast turnaround on custom components and enclosures, rely on our Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) strategies. QRM takes lean to the next level.

High-tech equipment is setup in production cells, so that our cross-trained employees work efficiently to move your product through each step of the fabrication process.  All of this is designed for faster throughput and quicker turnaround time for your orders.

CNC Machining Center

Reduce cost with Design for Manufacturability

When reducing cost is your priority, team up with KSM engineers for design for manufacturing services. As an extension of your engineering department, we can spot potential manufacturing issues pre-production and identify ways to cut costs before parts hit the shop floor. 

Similarly, ask our engineers to help design a product from scratch. 

On Time • On Spec • On Budget

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Complete Fabrication, Paint & Assembly Services

Save time and money with our fully integrated in-house capabilities from laser, form, weld, finish, paint and assembly. We understand that your product needs change over time.  And we’re here for you: our comprehensive sheet metal fabrication services stand ready to build a vast assortment of sheet metal assemblies to your exact specifications.

Full-service contract fabrication ranges from flat sheet to fully assembled enclosures, weldments, and other custom parts.  You can specify your exact needs for:

  • Material thickness anywhere from 20-gauge (.0359”) through ½ inch (.500”)
  • Quantities from a few to thousands of parts
  • Sizes from small to very large up (14 feet deep by 7- 8 feet wide and 8 – 9 feet tall)

Our 140,000 sq. ft. facility houses multiple lasers, press brakes, manual and robotic welding, finishing stations, a conveyor engineered paint system, off-line paint system, and component assembly.

Rolled Metal Components
Structural Steel Frame Assembly

American made Weldments Serving Multiple Industries

Find value in your sheet metal fabrication right here in the Midwest. KSM Industries is your local expert, right in the Greater Milwaukee area of Southeastern Wisconsin. And we have helped a wide variety of OEM clients since 1971.

KSM Industries has vast sheet metal fabrication experience with:

  • Construction equipment
  • Material-handling equipment
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Electrical enclosures and panels
  • Medical examination products
  • Oil and gas products
  • Defense related products
  • Heavy duty trucks and mobile equipment
  • General industrial equipment

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