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For over fifty years, KSM Industries is among the best Wisconsin-based OEM Fabricators, building components and delivering the right product, on time and on budget. Rely on our sheet metal fabrication experience and quick response manufacturing cells for all your sheet metal fabrication needs from simple weldments to complex fabrications incorporating dozens of different components.

Our History

Founded by a local family in 1971, KSM Industries, Inc.’s metal fabricating services sought to meet the changing and complex demands of Wisconsin area capital goods manufacturers.  Starting in a small leased facility in Milwaukee, initial fabrications focused on the needs of construction equipment manufacturers, electrical cabinetry assemblers, and a variety of special needs customers.

Visionary management and qualified manufacturing personnel joined together to meet a vibrant and changing market.  In 1974, KSM built a 50,000 square foot facility in Germantown, WI on a seven-acre plot. 

Fast forward several decades and multiple plant additions, the company now operates from a 140,000 square foot plant equipped with multiple lasers, press brakes, robotic and manual welding stations, finishing stations, a conveyorized paint system, and component assembly to satisfy a diverse and growing customer base. We are proud to be one of the most trusted OEM fabricators located in the Midwest.

KSM Company History of Weldment
Metal Enclosure

Our Customers

At KSM, we’ve been fortunate to serve many of the same customers for decades. Providing the best overall value along with our commitment to quality has enabled us to maintain and grow these relationships over the years.  

From prototypes to production quantities, we’ve provided contract metal fabrications for our customers across a wide variety of industries and market segments:

  • Agricultural and Construction Equipment
  • Defense-related products
  • Electrical Enclosures and Panels for integrators and OEMs
  • Material-Handling Equipment
  • Heavy Duty Trucks and Mobile Equipment
  • General Industrial Equipment

Our Culture

Relationships matter at KSM Industries.

We value our long-standing relationships with loyal customers and employees alike. In fact, we have employees who have been with us for forty-plus years and some since the very beginning in the early 1970s. 

Honesty, innovation, and hard work are among our core values.  

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