Metal Fabrication Equipment

Metal Fabrication Equipment

KSM utilizes industry leading fabrication equipment, and employs a team of experts to run it!

Mazak 8K For Sheet Metal Cutting Equipment


  • Cincinnati 1/4” x 10’


  • Mazak 8K FIBER Laser with full automation and an 18-shelf tower
    • 4000W lasers (1”cap.) with FMS material handling
  • (1) Mazak NTX 510 CHAM­­P laser
    • 1500W laser (3/8”cap.) with FMS material handling
    • 60” x 120” max. sheet size all

Punch Presses

  • Amada Acies 2515T
    • 33 Ton Combination Turret Punch Press and 4000W Laser with high capacity tool storage and automatic tool changer
    • (1/4” cap.)
    • 60″ X 120″ max. sheet work area
    • 4 tapping heads, auto load/unload of blanks as well as automated parts picking
  • Amada 367 Vipros
    • 33 Ton Turret press
    • (1/4” cap.) with auto index tool holders
    • 60” x 72” max. sheet work area
  • Amada 345 Pega King
    • 33 ton Turret press
    • (1/4”cap.) with auto index tool holder
    • 39” x 50” max. sheet work area
Amada Acies Punch Press
Safan Electric Brake Press


  • Amada Promecam HFB 220 ton X 14’
  • Amada HFE 170-3s 187 ton X 12’
  • Amada HFE 80 80 ton X 8’
  • Amada HFE 80 M2
  • Cincinnati 350 ton X 14’
  • Cincinnati 225 ton X 14’
  • Safan 35-1250 electric brake
  • Safan 200-4100 electric brake
  • Salvagnini P-2 Panel Bender


  • Genesis Versa 2
    • Robotic weld cell with 2-4×10′ picture frame positioners to handle your large volume or complex weldments
  • Full capability of MIG, TIG, Flux Core and Pulse arc welding on mild steel, stainless steels, and aluminum
    • Drawn-Arc stud welders
    • Numerous Capacitor-Discharge stud machines
    • Rocker arm and press type resistance welders from 75 to 150KVA
    • State of the art Lincoln and Miller equipment with advanced process controls
    • Staff certified to: MIL-STD-248(D), AWS or ASME Sect. IX
manual MIG welding
Nordson Powder Paint Booth

Powder Coat

  • Conveyorized five stage iron phosphate power wash with 2019 Nordson HD powder booths with 10 fluidizing hoppers with quick color change capability. Reduced line length to turn product faster.
    • Max Cube 52” (1.32M) Wide by 72” (1.83M) High by 160” (4.06M) Long
    • Maximum Weight 1100 pounds (500kg)
  • Batch steam cleaning, off-line powder booth and bake oven.
  • Off-line Powder Paint System
    • Max Cube 90” (2.29M) Wide by 105” (2.67M) High by 160” (4.06M) Long
    • Lengths over 160” can be accommodated as width is reduced

Miscellaneous Equipment

  • Pyramid Mills for Roll Forming
  • Haeger Insertion Presses for hardware insertion
  • Auto-Sert Hydraulic presses for hardware insertion
  • Clausing CNC Bed Mill
  • Flex-Arms for thread cutting/tapping 
  • Marvel 380A-PC60 programmable vertical band saw
  • Various manual machines: Strippit manual punch, band saw, drill presses, radial arm drill.
  • Zehnder Air filtration systems
  • Conventional and Vibratory deburring
CNC Milling

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